Budget Used Phones Quality Criteria:


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At Budget Used Phones, we take pride in offering high-quality used phones that meet the needs and budget of our customers. To ensure that every phone we sell meets our standards, we have established the following criteria for evaluating and grading the quality of our used phones:

  1. Physical Condition: We inspect every phone for scratches, dents, cracks, and other physical damage. We use a grading system to classify the condition of each phone with a score out of 10. (10 being the best)

  2. Functionality: We test every phone to ensure that all buttons, ports, and features are fully functional. We check the battery life and charging capacity to make sure that the phone is in good working order.

  3. Software: We verify that the phone's software is up-to-date and that it can run the latest operating systems and applications. We also make sure that the phone is free of malware, viruses, or other security issues.

  4. Unlock Status: We check that the phone is not carrier locked or iCloud locked. If a phone is carrier locked, we will only sell it as such and provide the necessary information to unlock it.

  5. Cosmetic Appearance: We thoroughly clean and sanitize each phone before we sell it. We remove any stickers or marks on the phone and package it in a protective box or sleeve.

  6. Rejection policy: We reject any devices that fall under ANY of the following criteria:

    • Devices that have been returned to the seller and repaired multiple times due to functional issues.
    • Devices that have been recalled by the manufacturer due to defects.
    • Devices that are labeled as "Not for Resale".
    • Devices that are pre-production or demo units.
    • Chargers and power cables for devices that have exposed or frayed wires.

By adhering to these quality criteria, we are confident that we can provide our customers with a reliable, affordable, and satisfactory used phone experience.